Aug 2012 – present:  Associate Professor and Programme Leader for Bachelor in Services Management, Oslo School of Management, Norway

Research and analytical skills

# Initiated and completed several international research projects, using methods such as eye-tracking and netnography to study multichannel attribution modelling and online consumer behaviour.

# During the first year of employment received the Researcher of the Year Award.

# Independently researched the opportunities for digitalisation of the various school’s processes and participated in the project aimed at the introduction of electronic exam submission and adoption of a new learning platform.

Knowledge dissemination and mentoring skills

# Presented research at academic and practitioner conferences and, as a result, was co-opted to become a board member of the International Federation for Information Technologies in Travel and Tourism.

# Designed and successfully delivered two new undergraduate modules – Digital Marketing and Services Management, and a new bachelor programme in Digital Marketing.

# Supervised Bachelor dissertation projects, one of which was accepted for publication in an academic journal and one for presentation at the international academic conferences along with the research projects by high profile academics.

Sep 2009 – Sep 2012: PhD Researcher in Affiliate Marketing, Oxford Brookes University, UK

Time and project management skills

# Demonstrated good time management skills and self-motivation by completing the PhD dissertation within the assigned time of 3 years and was recognised with the PhD excellence award from the International Federation for Information Technologies in Travel and Tourism.

# Developed strong analytical skills by focusing on the construction and validation of a new theory from the large amount of empirical data collected by means of multiple research methods.

# While researching for PhD, received a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education and aided in the online promotion of the Women Entrepreneurship conference held by the university, demonstrating the ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects.

Aug 2008 – May 2011: Marketing Director, Real Estate Company Montscandgroup, Harstad, Norway

Marketing communications and sales skills

# Developed a marketing plan, based on the market research and analysis particularly focused on the Russian real estate market, and despite of the critical conditions brought by the financial crisis og 2008 reached all marketing objectives and sold all available apartments of the luxury apartment complex in Montenegro.

# In cooperation with the Russian real estate agency planed and implemented several sales presentations, events and other marketing activities tailored for the Russian customers and organised in Moscow, Russia.

# Effectively collaborated with designers and supplied them with clear creative briefs to develop the company website and all the marketing materials.

Customer relationship management skills

# Directly communicated with the existing customers by email, telephone and in person to ensure their satisfaction with the company’s services, increase trust and facilitate positive word-of-mouth.

Jan 2009 – June 2010: Lecturer in Hospitality, Travel and Tourism, Harstad University College, Norway

Education and communication skills

# Designed and taught several marketing and tourism-related modules, including Marketing in Tourism, Branding, International Marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and proactively contributed to the design of the school curriculum.

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