Building a websiteLets get things straight. A good website is first of all the one that helps you reach your goals.

Those goals may be different. For example, you may be aiming to reach out to your potential and existing audience. Or you may be seeking to increase your brand awareness, provide product or company information, and invite feedback and interaction. Finally, you may be trying to encourage specific visitor actions, which may be anything from a registration or a sign up for your newsletters to social recommendation or transaction.

If you are reaching you targets, you are certainly doing things right. But hey… there is always room for improvement.

There is of course a myriad of factors, such as quality of products or services for example, that can facilitate or prohibit your goal achievement. But assuming your product is of good quality and the rest of the factors are in order, what is it you can do with your website to facilitate successful goal achievement?

My non-scientific analysis of the advice given by experts in the area, as well as various international guidelines (e.g., by World Wide Web Consortium) and search engines (I primarily focused on Google through) leaves me with six benchmarks that you may want to pay special attention to when creating a new, or redesigning and evaluating an existing website. In summary, these benchmarks include:

1. Ease of access 

User-friendly and easy to remember URL

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Website load time

2. Content

Informative and useful

Clear and concise

Objective and credible

Original and updated

Compelling and engaging

3. Site structure, usability and navigation

Logical and clear site structure

Consistent layout

Site map

Intuitive and user-friendly navigation

4. Appearance and graphics

Appealing look and feel

Correct technical implementation of website design

5. Accessibility

Accessible website regardless of possible user impairments, platform or browser

6. Online transactions

Quick registration process

Secure transactions

Timely assistance

Clear terms and conditions

Purchase confirmation

If you feel that the list gave you the answer you sought, I was happy to help. If not, go on and read my next post explaining what makes a good website in greater detail 🙂

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Criteria for a good website (a short list)
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